About JinxyCatInk.

My pen name is Jinx. I created JinxyCatInk to be a team full of artists creating and making art of all types, including writing books, bakery, and event photography. Unfortunately, at the time, I was still very inexperienced and young, so it never really worked out for recruiting team members, so I decided to make it a personal studio until the day came for people to join me in creating art. There is not a whole about me. I been drawing since I could hold a pencil and slowly self-taught myself to be where I am today. I am still learning and maturing my art; I plan to be an animator and hope to find a purpose with my creativity and even maybe be a manga creator? Who knows. 

Where did the name come from?

I was sitting in one of my high school classes one day, contemplating a name I wanted to make for the team. I got personal about it, so I decided that it was going to include cats, as they are my favorite animal. Jinx, is a demonic character I made up for a show called Naruto, I was tiny, (maybe like 9 or 10?) when that show aired on cartoon network. I would daydream that I had a cat demon in me. (tentail10 is also a username based on this creature)
I'm not sure why I wanted it in my name, maybe its mostly because everything started with Naruto, and that started the dream of wanting to be an anime/manga artist. I always wanted to be an artist, but it was Naruto that made me decide just WHAT I wanted to be. So in conclusion, I add Jinx to my name because just like Naruto, I wanted to be a start to something
Cat - I like cats
Ink - because it all started with black ink, but this is more of a pun. I just thought it was cheeky to replace inc with ink since I am a drawer and all. Lol.

Who are the characters I keep seeing?

You can learn more about my characters here ---> Mascots

Each character has their profile so please check them out!

What is JinxyCatInk?

Jinxycatink is a studio whose goal is to make projects that entertain an array of audiences.

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